Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A little backstory

Nobody likes a sob story, so I'll keep mine short. However, a little backstory is necessary..

I decided to leave New York City after what was probably the worst seven months or so of my life. The rug was pulled out from under me. It was the end of what I thought was my future and my past seven years. And after learning really how much of it was lies, I did what I could to at least physically escape the city, a place I had called home for the past nine years.

All of the comforts of home, and what I had known as my life had changed very quickly, and I found myself starting fresh in a place where I was haunted with memories. A place where I didn't feel safe anymore, where I felt panicked every corner I turned. I didn't know what I believed in anymore, and questioned love, marriage, and trust to no end. Something I thought I had always had such a definitive feeling about. I needed to clear my head.

I fell in love with Italy long before I ever went last summer, and then fell deeper when I saw how beautiful it really was in person. Unfortunately I had been there just ten months before with the person who was the root of all these changes. When I thought of Italy, I thought of that trip, our memories, and broken promises. I didn't want to, and knew that I couldn't continue to let memories consume places I truly loved. It wasn't Italy's fault after all. I just needed to go back. Make new memories. Rewrite my story. And remember to breathe.

I sent my resume to a few international schools in Italy, and ended up with a Skype interview with a bilingual school. Side note: Skype interviews are not easy. While I enjoyed dressing like a normal person from the waist up, and wearing pajama bottoms for the interview, it was really hard not to look at the tiny little box where my face was most likely making a fool of myself on the screen. But somehow, I charmed them enough and was offered to work their summer camp in Tuscany, teaching English to the children. I don't speak Italian at all, but was assured this wouldn't be a problem. So I signed up for it and made my move out of the city, deciding to figure out what I'll do after I get back. The plan for Italy..to work at the camp for three weeks, and travel around afterwards. All of this, until I run out of money...

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