Monday, July 21, 2014

A run..but first, gelato

To celebrate making it through hump day my first week of camp, and also because it was 90 degrees, I thought gelato was in order. The past two days I'd taken short bike rides and walks inside the walls of Lucca, exploring a bit. It really is beautiful.  I chose a place that looked busy and I chose right! I had stracciatella (chocolate chip) and pistachio as a proper reward. SO GOOD. Tip: the darker the pistachio, supposedly the better it is. Well done Gelateria Veneta. 

Some scenes from Lucca whilst eating gelato:

Now it was time to find the river and go for a run..Tell me though, where does one tuck away a key this size on themselves when going for a run?

I locked the bike up against a sketchy fence and hoped for the best. It was hot, but running in one of "the picturesque settings" that THE LIST required was definitely going to be accomplished. 

spotted the top of this church along the run

It was a gorgeous run (check!), but I was a sweaty mess. I also learned something. Never run after eating gelato.

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