Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adventure awaits...

As I sat at JFK I thought a few different things. 

1. I can't believe I'm doing this.
2. How did that guy grow his moustache like that?
3. I hope I get on this flight.

Number three refers to the fact that I was, for the first time, flying standby. My cousin who helped me set up the standby flight explained the ins and outs, essentially scaring the crap out of me days before I left while I camped out on her couch. It may be days before I get on a flight, my luggage may possibly be lost forever, don't under any circumstances approach the desk at the gate and annoy them by asking about my seat, etc. 

I showed up at the gate with no charge on my phone and weary after a 4 hour drive (thanks to my parents!). While plugging in my phone for a quick charge, I immediately met a nice guy to my right, from South Dakota who was going to Italy to visit his girlfriend. We became fast friends, I rooted for him to get changed to a window seat, and he rooted for me to get a seat, any seat on the flight to Milan. After going against instructions, I approached the desk after a brief announcement that I didn't hear, and lo and behold..was given a ticket for a seat on the flight. Not just any seat.. but a first class seat! This had to be a good sign? Me and South Dakota cheered!

Listening to cousin's instructions, I gladly "took everything they offer you in first class," and started off with some champagne. As we took off for Italy, and it hit me that I was doing this for real, for real and alone..I ordered more drinks and told myself I wasn't afraid. I wasn't buying it, but adventure awaits..

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