Sunday, July 27, 2014

backstreet's back?

Every summer Lucca hosts a Summer Music Festival with various artists performing throughout the month of July. 

Since one of the things I needed to check off on THE LIST was "see live music," I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. First up was Stevie Wonder. Despite my college roommate's request to "sit on Mr. Wonder's lap," I had no intention of getting up close and personal with Mr. Wonder since tickets were 150 Euros each. Luckily, Maria told me that you can listen for free and see the giant screen in the adjacent piazza. It was packed! Clearly Wondermania had hit Lucca hard.

The next act was a few days later..

So I was obligated to join all the Italian teenie boppers (and believe me there were tons) and see if backstreet really could come back.

They can't.

The dance moves haven't changed, but the boys are older and look and sound even more ridiculous than ever. That didn't stop throngs of eleven year olds from screaming with delight though. I had a smirk on my face as they did "Everybody" and was transported back to my middle school days when I did a (badly) choreographed routine in the school talent show. Thanks for the memories guys..

Listen to live music..CHECK.

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