Tuesday, July 15, 2014


On my last Saturday night out with friends in the city, a brilliant idea was born. (At least we thought so.) And with that came THE LIST. 

We started out drinking at my friend's apartment, having our last "book club" meeting before I left the city, and started my adventure. Now, we call ourselves a "book club" because we did in fact start out meeting up to discuss books we chose to read together. However, that faded quickly and it became more about not reading books. Anyways, someone suggested in a moment of genius, to make a "list of things you have to complete before coming back from Italy." Vodka decided I was on board, so alas, THE LIST was created. 

It didn't end there. We went out to a bar, met more people, things were added to the list, and I woke up the next morning with a giant headache, and double the tasks to complete. I decided if I was going to do this, I would do it full force. Since THE LIST was born, family, friends, and alike have added to it. It includes quotes from the people who contributed..and yes, they did actually shove three condoms into my bag.


("don't come back until you do them all")
make out on a vespa
one night stand ("yolo")
make out with someone that doesn't speak any English
Find a blonde italian and take a pic with them
find an italian 5 years younger and one ten years old and get gelato
get invited and go to Sunday dinner at someone's house
go topless on a nude beach
stomp grapes
drink a bottle of wine with a winemaker
play soccer with the locals
make your own pasta and cannoli ("interpret that how you please.")
get dressed up and go out
get a photo take in cinque terre
see live music
pic with something of Napoleon on Elba Island
selfie with old hilarious italian
pic with a dog in basket on bike ("you're gona have to be bold.")
Lady & the tramp reenactment with a total italian dog ("aw yeah.")
learn this in italian, "my name is Lauren, my hair is long, my boobs are small, and I'd like for you to buy me a drink" (drink can be anything that helps you complete this list)
"You will be traveling with 3 condoms..should said 3 condoms not be used, you will share them with italians" 
pub crawl
PS if you find a blind AND blonde italian the rest of this list is considered done (must prove blindness)
bring back 7 peroni coasters
learn how to make limoncello
go wine tasting
go to italian rivera
go for runs in picturesque spots in Italy
go skinny dipping at night
cook an italian meal for an italian
take a pic with someone named Augustine (my grandfather's name) or last name puco/puca
send a message in a bottle
frolic in a field of wild and/or sunflowers
dance with a stranger to live music outside
go horseback riding

the official hashtags for the blog are #thisishappening  #livinginthemoment  

One last disclaimer..If you know me, you know that I am a relationship girl. (I've been in two very long term relationships, and am fairly reserved when it comes to dating, etc. Hence the one night stand part of the list.) Also, I've always been afraid to take risks and do a lot of things because, growing up, (sorry mom and dad), I was told everything was dangerous and couldn't go on trampolines or slip and slides for fear of breaking my neck or poking an eye out. All the worry rubbed off on me and as much as I appreciated the love and concern, I'm ready to push myself and not be afraid to do things anymore. I figure writing it down, putting it out there on this blog, will push me to step out of my comfort zone, and do things that I'm scared to do. It's no way to live, being afraid all the time.. 

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