Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gornergrat to Zermatt: an epic quest (part 1)

Despite my romp with the captain the night before, I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead. I was psyched to get up to the mountain and see what I could see. First things first..I brought my curling iron to an electrical store on the main drag to find the correct size wall adapter. They didn’t have one that fit, so naturally the guy offered to shave down the trouble part of the plug for me for free. And voila, it worked.

It was early yet, but I was literally walking through town in the clouds. It was so neat but I hoped they would lift before my trek up to Gornergrat so the Matterhorn could be seen!  My hotel offered a free breakfast at the adjacent building to mine, and due to my dwindling funds, I was planning to pack it in. I walked in and approached the desk in case I had to check in for breakfast. The woman was the same one who experienced the hairdryer debacle with me. She laughed and said, “Oh, I know you, you don’t have to check in.” I chuckled and told her that if I asked for another hairdryer she had permission to kick me out.

Breakfast was pretty top notch and I took one of everything. That should hold me til dinner. On my way out I stopped to inquire to my new bestie about the hike I intended to do. She said it would be a long one, but it was definitely doable.  I was in. Since I didn’t know if I’d even make it to Switzerland, and underestimated the chilly summer temps they sported here, I had done a horrid job packing. I’d be hiking in my running sneakers, and would probably be cold doing it. New bestie went in the back and produced a sweatshirt fit for a small giant, but I was grateful. At least if the sun didn’t come out today I could be toasty in this!

I met the two j’s and their bikes at the train to Gornergrat. We sold another organ to afford the trip up to the top, but we knew it would totally be worth it. The clouds had lifted out of town, and the sun was out. We were like three little kids boarding the train, trying to find seats on the right side because one of us read that it had the best views. We rode up in this ridiculously cool cog train that stopped at the few train stops along the way.

 We traveled higher and higher into the Swiss mountains and once again were dumbfounded by the scenery. I practically cartwheeled off the cog train and the two j’s were speechless. 

rock sculptures at the top 

the matterhorn in all it's glory 

We took pictures with the ginormous gornergrat sheep, and shameless mountain selfies at the top. I even nailed my classic jumping pic. We were on top of the world!
Me, the two j's, and a giant sheep

Then it was time to part ways. The two j’s were going to try their best to navigate the steep, rocky trail on bikes. At least they were wearing helmets. 

We bid farewell, a look of terror on blonde j’s face. ”Just keep your hands on the brakes” was my best advice. We agreed to meet up that night to swap survival stories…hopefully. 

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