Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Statue high fives

I returned back to my tiny little hotel room famished and mighty parched. I sent a quick message off to the two j’s in hopes that they too were back and ready to swap survival stories over beverages and food. Lots of food.  

After a lovely shower in the communal bathroom, I received a message from them that they were back and also ready for food, drink, and stories. It was my last night with the two j’s since they’d be leaving for Geneva the next day and I was sad that our fun had to end so soon.  But we had a night of celebration ahead of us first!

It had started to rain and I was freezing due to my lack of smart packing for Switzerland, but I didn’t care. I had conquered the hike today, surely I could handle no jacket.  I met up with the two j’s and we immediately started our hunt for food. We decided we should try something Swiss that night and wandered around perusing the menus for cuisine of the land we were in, within a budget we could swing. Finding nothing within our budget, we settled on a place with comfy fake sheep wool seats. At least I think they were fake. Once again, I impressed by ordering and finishing the entire sausage and rosti, essentially a delightfully delicious Swiss hashbrown.

We were though, both thrilled and confused by the condiments served in what looked like toothpaste tubes for mustards. I wish I had taken a photo!

Over much meat, we swapped stories from our adventures. I was especially anxious to hear about blonde j’s battle with bike and mountain. He had seemed very unsure of his biking ability and steepness of the trail when we parted ways. Blonde j confessed that he did in fact have a fall. Since he was there in front of me eating meat it couldn’t have been too bad though. Turns out he gained a lot of speed going down one part, and slid, falling off the bike, with a few scrapes and bruises.

I regaled them with my tale of the Holland Farmers, the sheep party I joined, and the rest of my journey down the mountain. After our sausages we went back to the Brown Cow for a drink or two or three. We were in the mood to celebrate our adventure! 

Word at the Brown Cow was that the bar across the street had some good live music, so next we headed over to Gee’s to see what it was all about.

The bar was full! Clearly this was the place to be. We realized why instantly when the live music, which was comprised of three guys with British accents, started their next song. They were fantastic and covered a great selection of songs with their own style. And they were funny!

We jammed and drank. I was also trying my best to convince the two j's to accompany me on my adventure for the next day. I had signed up for a guided hike to herd sheep and I could barely contain my excitement. The only thing that would make it better is if the two j’s came along and herded sheep with me. The forecast promised rain, but I was hopeful that the 100% chance the weather showed, was a lie. As the night wore on, the two j’s and their drinks seemed to be more convinced they should be herding sheep in the early morn.

After celebrating until just about close, it was time to get back to the hotel.  But first a high five with the creepy statue outside the bar.

“I’ll see you j’s in the morning!” I yelled hopefully. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. 

My legs were dangerously close to not working anymore after the day’s hike and I had no idea that I’d even be able to stand, let alone hike again in the morning.

I needed to get back to my humble abode and get some sleep. After all, I needed to get up bright and early so that I wouldn't miss the goat parade. That’s right. I said GOAT PARADE…

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