Wednesday, October 29, 2014

creepy cardiologist

I defrosted for a couple of hours, resting after my adventure with the sheep, and found myself heading back to the Brown Cow for my last night in Zermatt. I was solo now, since the two j's had left and I planned to do some research for my next stop. Oh, and eat another large burger, obviously.

There was a whole cast of characters that made for some good people watching whilst enjoying my beer. After downing another large portion of meat in burger form, I moved to an empty bar stool to finish my drink.

I was interrupted mid sip when I heard, “I saw you on the bridge before.”
I turned to the left to see who the messenger of this creepy opening line was. I was surprised when I saw a handsome, well dressed, German dude who took residence on the adjacent stool.

While figuring out what to say, I must’ve looked slightly taken aback, because he continued on. “I saw you this afternoon, I was at a cafĂ© across the street, and you were eating, something, a pretzel maybe?”

Oddly specific. So not only did this guy spot me, but he spotted me stuffing myself with a giant pretzel. Fantastic. How do you respond to that?

“Um yeah, that was me, just an afternoon snack..”

He introduced himself, sharing that he was a cardiologist from Germany, and works all the time. He had a few vacation days and was using them to bike in the Alps on vacation. I filled him in on my teaching stint in Italy and we chatted for a few. Despite the initial creepiness, maybe he wasn't so bad..

Then he asked where I was staying. I told him Hotel Alfa, and what a coincidence, he was staying there too.

"I have to go back soon," he said. "I must get up very early to meet my guide on the trail."

I chose this as my opportunity to exit, and was prepared to go across the street to hear my new favorite band at Gee's when creepy cardiologist asked to tag along for a drink. Guess he didn't have to get up that early. 

We ventured across the street to Gee's and I headed straight to the bar where I was greeted with a smile of recognition from the hot bartender, Alex, from the night before. Then I saw his gaze go from me to creepy cardiologist, and back to me with a bemused expression on his face. Ah yes, he must think I'm some sort of hussy bringing different guys in here every night. Last night the two j's, tonight creepy cardiologist! 

We grabbed our drinks and headed over to a bar table right in front of the band. They were just as good as the previous night, the only difference being that creepy cardiologist didn't know how to whisper. Every time he tried to chat with me, his voice was about five levels too loud and we were right smack in front of the band. Maybe if I modeled whispering, he'd follow suit? But no, still just as loud. 

He told me (and the rest of the bar patrons) that he wished he didn't have to get up early so he could hang out longer, but I was glad it was creepy cardiologist's bedtime. We said goodbye, he planted a brief kiss on my cheek, and I headed back to the bar, parking myself on a stool right by hot bartender Alex. 

The band finished up, and I was ready to call it a night. But first, I thought I should tell the band how great they were. And that's how I ended up doing shots with the band...


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