Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swiss SUP

The following morning in the attic was not a pleasant one. I was hungover, obviously, from my bachelor party shenanigans the night before, and, AND I was departing Interlaken later that day. My front desk friend Negative Nancy was thrilled I'm sure. Especially when I approached her to hold my bags while I adventured around for a few hours. She reluctantly obliged, and I was off to take in the views on the top of the local mountain, Harder Kulm. 

Normally, I would've hiked up. Normally as in when I hadn't been up until 5 am peeing in streets. Instead, I opted for the lift up to the top, along with loads of other people apparently. After waiting in a torturous line (which I usually avoid at all costs), I was on the lift. 

I knew what to expect when I reached the top, but the view before me was surely a painting backdrop. Unreal doesn't even begin to describe it.

I walked out on the platform that literally juts out over the cliff. Not for the faint of heart! But incredibly awesome. Some girls were taking selfies while mounting the fake cow on the platform, so naturally I asked them to snap a shot of me. 

I had to be quick, because I had limited time before my train out of Interlaken, and one more thing I wanted to do before I left! But first, some french fries. 

greasy snack with a view
Now that my hangover cure was in place, it was time to catch a bus to Lake Thun!

I took a bus to Mountain Surf for some SUP, Swiss style.

The scenery = breathtaking
The water = freezing

I had only done stand up paddling boarding once before, in the bath warm waters of Florida's Gulf Coast. My motivation for staying on the board was definitely the water temperature here amongst the Alps!


After my quick jaunt to Lake Thun, and avoiding the frigid waters by staying on my board, I was back to retrieve Bertha. It was time to make my way to Zurich, (since my funds were almost negative at this point) where I would hopefully get on a flight home the next morning...

*I absolutely recommend going to Mountain Surf for water sports if you're in the Interlaken area:

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