Thursday, March 19, 2015

That time I joined a Bachelor party

I felt energized from my jaunt in the canyon and knew that a celebration of sorts had to happen. But first, I had signed up for a free walking tour of Interlaken. Why? IT WAS FREE. Despite the extreme fatigue that threatened to spoil any plans of moving for the rest of the day and night, I forced myself to go on the tour. 

Little did I know, my tour would start with a tour. I walked to the meeting point, thinking it shan't be far. Instead, I walked one end of Interlaken to the other, ending at the meeting point, and getting to witness the landing of many paragliders in the park. I waited at the appointed spot for what seemed like hours, but realistically was probably more like twenty minutes, when a giant appeared followed by a group of people. This was our tour guide, Viktor, and the people going on the walking tour that he had collected at the first meeting point. 

He was very animated and clearly psyched about touring us through Interlaken. And so we began our trek. Not before a summer camp-esque ice breaker where all twenty or so of us "walkers" had to stand in a circle, sharing where we were from, etc. It was at this point I buddied up with a couple from Idaho or Iowa.. one of the I's. 

Having been born and bred in the area, Viktor was practically spilling over with information. His enthusiasm was charming. As were some of the scenes I captured:

After the longer than expected walking tour, Viktor plugged his Bar Crawl that I had read about. It was to take place starting in a few hours, and tour some of the local "hot spots," if you will. Midwestern couple asked if I'd be attending. I wasn't sure since my body was screaming with exhaustion from the day's activities, but made loose plans to meet up with them. 

I returned to my attic sauna room and munched on what seemed like thousands of pretzel sticks. Another gem I'd picked up from the grocery store. Welp, that should hold me.

It was my last night in Interlaken. I'd be ashamed of myself not to make a go at the bar crawl. I just wouldn't stay out too late...

I made my way to the first stop on the bar crawl, via foot. Boy, were my dogs barking. As promised, a boisterous crowd occupied the inside of the bar. Leading them all, was Viktor the giant. He was just so tall. I craned my neck and greeted him. He rewarded me with a huge grin, a shot, and beer. Lest no time be wasted!

(photo courtesy of Interlaken Free Walking Tours)

I chatted with my new friends I had met earlier on the walking tour, and about 30 seconds later was sucked into a large group of guys at a table that were the most boisterous of them all. They were part of the bar crawl, and celebrating a bachelor party, of course. After insistence on their part for me to sit with them, I found myself sharing a seat with one of the guys. They all spoke English and were hilarious. 
(photo courtesy of Interlaken Free Walking Tour)

We were onto the next bar, the bachelor party had adopted me as one of their own, and it was to be a long night.

At each bar we were given a free shot, one of which was poured directly from the bottle into our mouths. I became tight with one of the guys from the bachelor party, Louis. He had a British accent and was absolutely hilarious. In the picture below you'll find me, middle, and Louis just above, pretending to bite my head.

(photo courtesy of Interlaken Free Walking Tours)

It was so freeing to be silly, happy-go-lucky, and hanging out with new people who didn't know my backstory. Louis brought out the silliest side of me that I hadn't been in a while. We skipped down the street, arm in arm, laughing and commentating on the budding romance forming with the couple walking in front of us. 

We ended up at the last stop on the bar crawl, a dance club at a hostel. Some of the group was dying off, and didn't make it to the club portion of the night. I was full on part of the bachelor party at this point. Me and about ten guys. Not that I was complaining. 

These are the things that I know ensued at the club:
1. Louis got very, very drunk and disappeared.
2. There were more shots.
3. Viktor the giant kissed my hand as if I was royalty.
4. I danced with one of the best dancers I've ever danced with.

Said dancer was one of the lot from the bachelor party, and had moves that were totally unexpected. He was a manly man, and super graceful on his feet! He whirled me around like I weighed nothing and I could barely keep up with his quick steps. It was a blast. 

We took a quick break from tearing it up on the dance floor, and the groom-to-be took me aside.  "I don't know if you're expecting to hook up with him, but he's got a girlfriend. I have other single friends if that's what you're looking for."

The shock was written all over my face. "No, no I'm not looking to hook up with him! I was just dancing." I quickly replied. 

What was I looking for? 

Just then Louis reappeared. Somehow it was 4am and we were back on the streets of Interlaken trying to find our way to an after hours bar the guys had heard of. I didn't know where we were really, and I knew it was time for me to go back to the attic. Also I really, REALLY had to pee.

I said goodbye to my new friends and thanked them for inviting me to join their bachelor party. I kind of wanted to go to the wedding too, but that'd be pushing it. 

Now I had the issue of how to get back to my humble abode, and the small problem of needing to pee my pants to deal with. I wandered what I hoped was in the correct direction. I couldn't stand it anymore. I was going to burst! I'm not proud of it, but I may or may not have stopped to pee behind a parked car in someone's driveway. Shortly afterwards I started to recognize some of the streets, and found my way back. 

It was 5am and I just peed in a Swiss street. 

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