Sunday, April 12, 2015

33 for 33

The new list is for real: 33 for 33. Girl Wanderlist is in fact a travel blog, list style. I'll be traveling the world, checking off my adventure at a time.

33 for 33 is comprised of ridiculous, scary, fun, oddly specific, and always random tasks. Almost all of them are meant to push me out of my comfort zone, and likely will undoubtedly end up as a good story. As I complete each task, I'll be writing and sharing my adventures through story and pictures.

The idea for this list comes about as I turned 32: (took almost a year to create it as now I'm turning 33) stopped being so afraid, uncovered a desire for adventure, and started living in the moment. My love for lists and passion for travel fuels this blog, and I intend to check off every last task within a year. 

This list can always be seen under the tab "The List" at the top of this page.

Rules for the list:
*I have one year from today to check off everything on my list
*If there is something I will be unable to complete, it will be substituted with another idea. Substitute ideas will be voted on by readers.

Without further ado, here it is...

33 for 33

1.  go on an epic road trip
2.  learn a new unique skill
3.  sing my heart out at karaoke
4.  hold (snuggle really) a baby goat (bonus points for feeding it)
5.  run some sort of race in another country
6.  do something to challenge my fear of heights
7.  try fly fishing
8.  learn how to shoot a gun & enter a skeet shooting competition
9.  see a moose in the wild
10. read a classic novel and visit where it takes place
11. crash a wedding
12. volunteer
13. watch sunrise & sunset in the same day in 3 different countries
14. go to a frat party & challenge people in beer pong
15. be in a parade
16. play an old guy in chess in a NYC park 
17. do something I NEVER thought I'd do
18. do a random act of kindness
19. have a drink on a beach with a stranger
20. throw a grand cocktail party
21. eat a Belgian waffle in Belgium
22. go to a professional football game
23. get my fortune told  
24. walk all of Broadway in Manhattan start to finish
25. attend a concert or music festival abroad
26. see the northern lights 
27. participate in a cultural event/festival in another country
28. go back to my place of birth- Las Vegas
29. explore one of the world's natural wonders
30. learn to cook a dish specific to the region I'm visiting
31. skinny dip somewhere foreign
32. do something I loved as a kid
33. fill an entire 27 exposure disposable camera with stranger selfies from around the world 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Instagram hits: a top 12 countdown

Who doesn't love a countdown? Forget 10, I've made it 12.... so, here are the top 12 Instagram picks of the most "liked" living in the moment scenes from my Italy/Switzerland trip:

12. Camogli, Italy: A view from the sea

11.  Gornergrat to Zermatt: The Matterhorn & Me

10. Zermatt, Switzerland: Sheep staring contest

9. Furi, Switzerland

8. Zermatt, Switzerland: Fancy Horns

7. Zermatt, Switzerland: Sheep in the Mist

6. Interlaken Switzerland: View from Harder Kulm

5. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland: From behind Staubbach Falls

4. Interlaken, Switzerland: A Walking Tour

3. Monterosso Al Mare, Italy: Hiking Cinque Terre

2. Gornergrat to Zermatt: Rock Sculptures


1. Camogli, Italy: Morning Light

Thanks for following me on Instagram!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

THE LIST: a follow up

It's only fair that I take a minute to evaluate what I did, and did not check off on my list. And maybe an explanation or two...


("don't come back until you do them all")         ok, this was a tad unrealistic.

- make out on a vespa                                this probably could've happened the night I did the wine tour and met my Australian friends, but ALAS my stomach had other ideas...

- one night stand ("yolo")      I'll address this one at the end...

-make out with someone that doesn't speak any English    Ok, SO MUCH KISSING. none of my non English speaking prospects were appealing...

- Find a blonde italian and take a pic with them    CHECK!

- find an italian 5 years younger and one ten years old and get gelato   Oddly specific. I nailed the gelato portion though..

- get invited and go to Sunday dinner at someone's house    CHECK!

- go topless on a nude beach   I TRIED! I actually WANTED to do this one too!

- stomp grapes    Not as easy to find this opportunity in Italy as you might think.  

- drink a bottle of wine with a winemaker    CHECK!

- play soccer with the locals         CHECK! (at school with the kids)

- make your own pasta and cannoli ("interpret that how you please.")    wish I had been able to take a cooking class!

- get dressed up and go out   CHECK!

- get a photo take in cinque terre    CHECK!

- see live music   CHECK! (Mr. Stevie Wonder and Backstreet Boys)

- pic with something of Napoleon on Elba Island  No, but I did replace this one with a better grand adventure to Sansone Beach!

- selfie with old hilarious italian CHECK! (this was one of my favorites!)

- pic with a dog in basket on bike ("you're gona have to be bold.")    CHECK!

- Lady & the tramp reenactment with a total italian dog ("aw yeah.")   What does this even mean?

- learn this in italian, "my name is Lauren, my hair is long, my boobs are small, and I'd like for you to buy me a drink" (drink can be anything that helps you complete this list)                               This I did learn from the tour guide on the Taste of Tuscany Wine Tour van ride back to Florence. I did not, however, use it.

- "You will be traveling with 3 condoms..should said 3 condoms not be used, you will share them with italians"    I came back with them. Fail. Clearly didn't use them, and forgot to dole them out. Oops!

- pub crawl     CHECK! (extra points for joining the Bachelor Party?)

- PS if you find a blind AND blonde italian the rest of this list is considered done (must prove blindness)    Yeah, NO

- bring back 7 peroni coasters     Fail.

- learn how to make limoncello    I drank homemade limoncello with Gianni and he may or may not have given tips on how he makes it, but it was all in Italian!

- go wine tasting   CHECK!

- go to italian rivera    CHECK! (Camogli)

- go for runs in picturesque spots in Italy      CHECK! (despite the 95 degree weather...)

- go skinny dipping at night         Fail.

- cook an italian meal for an italian      CHECK? (Does cooking MYSELF an Italian meal count?)

- take a pic with someone named Augustine (my grandfather's name) or last name puco/puca         This would've been amazing, but I didn't meet anyone with those names.

- send a message in a bottle     MAJOR CHECK!

- frolic in a field of wild and/or sunflowers      CHECK!

- dance with a stranger to live music outside      Dance with a stranger? CHECK! just not to live music outside

- go horseback riding      Unfortunately, no. I'll add this to another list!

Ok, let's address the elephant in the room. I obviously did not check off the one night stand. Despite much pressure from friends and the good intentions behind this task, I did not encounter any prospects or opportunities that I felt compelled to do so. To be honest, most of the Italian and other European men I met and chatted with, I was not interested in recruiting for this gig. Tight pants, overly aggressive, and in the case of "Steve," sounded like a bit like Dracula. With the exception of Tim, the hot airport guy, I just wasn't interested. And we all know how that turned out. I'll be ready when I am, and on my own terms. Perhaps there just isn't room for a task like that on my list.  

I do however, feel accomplished in what I did check off, and the things I pushed myself to do out of my comfort zone. This was only the beginning. Onto the next list...