Sunday, August 30, 2015


We had earned celebratory drinks. Big time. The plan was to celebrate by bopping around the bars in Fira. Collecting drinks. By collecting I mean drinking them.

Bar #1: 6:35pm

We made our way down by the water to watch the sunset at our first stop, Tropical Bar. They had a small balcony and bonus points were scored for a fantastic music selection. We scored two seats with front row views. Ok, so by scored I mean we stalked the tables until someone left and then pounced on the table. 
best happy hour I've ever been to? I think so.

We meandered around the side streets looking for some off the beaten path spots. 

Bar #2: 8:37pm
That’s how we ended up at our second stop, Two Brothers. It was fairly empty, and we saddled right up to the bar. I was soon to learn it was not empty enough.

We ordered two beers from the Greek bartender that wasn’t preoccupied with blowing smoke onto the bar top and swirling it into spirals in the air.  The atmosphere in two bros was conducive to drinking. They played good music, and between all the funny signs all over the bar and the eye candy bartender, there was plenty to absorb. But back to the signs. They were intriguing in a “what the hell does that mean” kind of way.

Photo cred: Greek bartender
KJ and I had the bright idea to order some shots. Of the fireball genre. It was just after the slight burn had finished warming my stomach that I realized our mistake. We should’ve waited! My eyes caught the inappropriate signs scattered around the bar. One in particular advertised a “headshot” for 3 Euro, as opposed to the 6 we had just paid for each shot. Being the economist I am, I was curious.

Before I could control my mouth, I inquired, “What is a headshot?”

Greek bartender did a horrid job of hiding his smirk when answering: 

“You should do one, and you will see.”

“I’m going to need more information than that.”

“You put helmet on, you do shot, we tap you with stick.”


"I’ll need to think about it."

And so I did, for about 5 minutes. I could see Greek bartender and the rest of the staff laughing in anticipation. This had to be good. I couldn't back out now.

I looked to KJ for confirmation. 

“Just tell him to go easy,” was her advice.

“I’d like one headshot please" I said, as if I was ordering a chocolate ice cream. 

And that’s how I ended up wearing a large helmet in a bar on an island in Greece, running around in circles and getting WALLOPED on the head with a giant stick that one might find in the woods; in front of a bar of patrons. 

My head rattled. I forgot to tell him to go easy. There's a chance I had a slight concussion. The bar cheered.

Greek bartender looked supremely satisfied with himself after the deed was done. I kept the helmet on a little while so as to hold my parts inside until I recovered. After returning my headpiece I prepared to settle up for the headshot. 

"I give to you for free because I like you from first sight," Greek bartender said. 

Can't argue with that logic.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...

YES. There's a video.

Bar #3: 9:42pm

We needed food. Or this was going to turn uglier than it already had at Two bros. We settled on a corner spot that we had walked by a million times already in our two days in Fira called McDaniel's Snack Bar and the sign above donned it, "Eatery & Drinkery."  

It was open air, and I loved the name. That was all I needed to know. Quick, cheap, and perfect. I was a gyro virgin and ready for the Eatery to be my first. 

I can't be sure if the drinks told me it was the best thing I'd ever eaten, or if it actually was. Either way it was delicious.

Night Scene from Fira

Bar #4: 10:17pm

We found our way to a bar called "The Saloon" which I thought could only promise entertaining things. Sadly, the only exciting thing that happened here was the random cat that scaled the tall wooden post next to us like a pro. 

I'll admit it, I should've taken a bar off and drank water. But I didn't. So, there's that. Not pleased with the The Saloon, we made an executive decision to bring the Greek bar crawl full circle and head back to stop #1, Tropical Bar.

Bar #5: 11:09pm

We re-entered Tropical Bar to find it packed to the brim. A far cry from what it had been mere hours earlier. The music was still just as good, if not better, and people were bustin' a move. Especially the two girls bringing the sprinkler back.

We squeezed our way up to the bar. I took it upon myself to order some beers from the bartender. I obtained the beers but not without a quick chat with the bartender. One that involved him cupping my face and asking if I was Greek or Italian. D, none of the above? 

"I'm part Italian, yes." 

This satisfied him like he just solved world hunger. 

I turned to KJ wide eyed. 

"I think the bartender just cupped my face in his hands...but here's our beers."

KJ had not witnessed the cupping incident on account that she was deep in conversation with her new friends. The Polish babies. 

They were Polish. And very, very young. This was their first trip away from home and they were adorable. I wanted to put the Polish babies in my pocket.

They regaled us with tales of Poland. It was all very exciting, but we were spent. And drunk. And my head hurt and I wasn't sure why. 

It was time to go back to Camp. There were Greek adventures to be had tomorrow.

Not sure if I recommend it... but you too, can have a night like this:

**Deets for a bar crawl like the one that occurred above...

Tropical Bar:

Two Brothers:

McDaniel's Snack Bar/The Eatery-Drinkery:

The Saloon: (watch out for gymnast cat!)

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