Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Reasons Why I loved Dubrovnik (despite the rain, centipedes, and scorpions)

It’s true, my experience in Dubrovnik was an interesting one. 
Despite the near constant rain, the horrid accommodations, and the creepy crawlies I encountered, I did discover a handful of places I fell for.

1. Oliva Pizza: Because pizza is cheap and delicious.

-Lucarica 5, Dubrovnik-

This was good pizza. REALLY good pizza. This coming from somewhat of a proclaimed pizza snob. (One that used to enjoy Pizza Hut, mind you.) But seriously though. It’s seemingly always busy, but worth the wait. Do it.

2. Atlantic Kitchen: Because off the beaten path.

-Kardinala Stepinca 42, Dubrovnik- 

Because of the rain, we ventured down one set of the 24234235 stairs from Old Croatia’s pad one night for dinner, since it was the closest. Boy was this not a mistake. The atmosphere is cool, and the chalkboard specials menu on the wall won me over within seconds of entering this establishment. But what sealed the deal was the calamari. It’s off the beaten path in Lapad, and a bus ride plus stairs from the Old city, but if you’re up for it, you won't be sorry.

scallops and chorizo

3. Buza Bar: Because location...and you can caption your photos “boozin’ at buza bar”

It’s built into the cliff on the sea. Enough said.

4. Barba: Because fresh oysters.

-Boskoviceva 5, Dubrovnik-

Seafood. Classic and some odd dishes; super fresh. I had both raw and fried oysters that were delicious.

5. Irish Pub Karaka: Because drinking beer on the set of Game of Thrones.

-Izmedu Polaca 5, Dubrovnik-

Beer. Fotball. Plop yourself at outdoor tables, and absorb the pure medieval-ness surrounding you. No food, but you can order take out from across the way and bring it to your table.

**While I realize Dub town has much more to offer by way of sightseeing, I did not have much rain free time to explore, so I ate and drank my way around…naturally. Cheers!

And...If you'd like to read some of the tales of my Dub town lodging... http://www.girlwanderlist.com/2015/09/4-countries-in-48-hours-part-1.html

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