Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Birthday Bash Rehash

I awoke to pounding. In my head. My mouth was dry as the Sahara and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. 

“I need a waffle.” I whined to KJ.

I was pretty sure I was still drunk, and that a waffle would fix everything. It didn’t.

But rehashing the previous evening over waffles is always the perfect combination. Everyone knows that.

I needed assistance in piecing the night before together. There may have been some bits missing due to the immense amount of adult beverages consumed. 

After much waffling and rehashing, we came to these 17 conclusions:

1. Besides a headache, I also awoke to a message from P.
2. He was very glad to have met me. And thought I was cute to boot.
3. The giant sparkly drink was in fact the best idea. Ever. Birthday in a carafe.
4. We had many free shots courtesy of our jolly waiter. Including Jager bombs that made KJ and L grimace in hatred.
5. P & L turned out to be a lively addition to the party.
6. The whole night was totally random. Which is my favorite.
7. We played "guessing of the ages" and they became my new besties when they guessed I was turning 24.
8. We didn't want the night to end, on account we were out til 3am.
9. P had dealt with a very similar relationship situation to me that we proceeded to chat and bond over for the good part of an hour.
10. P and L had never seen Risky Business and this came up because there was a girl at the bar dressed as Tom Cruise from the movie but it wasn't even a costume party, so it didn't make much sense.
11. The timing could potentially be juuust right for us to hitch a ride in P & L's camper van from Plitvice to Austria. Seeing as we had no clue how we would traverse that country change, it was worth asking.
12. P wanted to meet up again. "Anyplace, anywhere, anytime."
13. I was 99% sure that would never happen, but the 1% chance was mutually thrilling and terrifying.
14. I did not go skinny dipping (unfortunately) despite my list practically screaming to have something finally checked off.
15. Me and the Jager had invited them to Oktoberfest, but they couldn't come since it was P's birthday and he'd be celebrating elsewhere.
16. We had an a fun night of epic proportions.
17. My boat driving arm was spectacularly sore.

Back to the situation with P for a hot second. He was a gentleman and hadn't made a move; which I had been relieved about initially. Because I tend to run away in those situations. I really do need to get over that. Maybe it was time to stop running. 

But after all was said and done, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder about if he had. Besides that it would've been awkward seeing as there were two other people in our party. Maybe if the skinny dipping had happened? There was no way to know now. But we had connected over our pasts, my surprising surprise party, and Jager bombs. We'd always have the Jager bombs.

I'd write him back later, I was far too hungover to put normal human sentences together. 

We gathered our bags, Lil Bea dragging behind as if she had a sympathy hangover. I was confident the absolute last thing I wanted to do was ride the ferry. But we had to get to Split so we could catch the bus to Plitvice Lakes National Park early the following morning to see all the pretty waterfalls. Alas, it was the only way.

I could’ve cared less about exploring Split on account that I figured it was just another city. The hangover from hell might’ve had something to do with it as well. But we needed food. Specifically fried calamari. It was what the hangover wanted, and what the hangover would have to get. 

So we set out to the old town part of Split and were wonderfully surprised by the charm, the winding streets, and cute little alley ways with tiny restaurants wafting delicious smells in every nook and cranny.

My stomach growled audibly, grouchily demanding calamari. I attempted to rely on my nose to lead me towards some golden fried goodness in the form of rings of squid. It did not betray me. Finally got my fried fix and we were ready to call it a night. We had a big ass bus ride ahead of us early the next morning... but it would end in many, many waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park. And that was alright with me.


  1. Number 10! HA! I hope you got a stranger selfie!

    1. Haha, that would've been a grand idea! I did however get one with the jolly waiter...

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