The List

33 for 33

1.  go on an epic road trip 

2.  learn a new unique skill                  read the story

3.  sing my heart out at karaoke              read the story

4.  hold (snuggle, really) a baby goat (bonus points for feeding it) read the story

5.  run in some sort of race in another country read the story

6.  do something to challenge my fear of heights read the story

7.  try fly fishing                                  read the story 

8.  learn how to skeet shoot & enter a competition 

9.  see a moose in the wild

10. read a classic novel and visit where it takes place read the story

11. crash a wedding 

12. volunteer 

13. watch sunrise & sunset in the same day in 
3 different countries                          read the story

14. go to a frat party & challenge people in beer pong 

15. be in a parade 

16. play an old guy in chess in a NYC park 

17. do something I NEVER thought I'd do       read the story

18. do a random act of kindness 

19. have a drink on a beach with a stranger 

20. throw a grand cocktail party

21. eat a Belgian waffle in Belgium        read the story

22. go to a professional football game 

23. get my fortune told  

24. swim with the pigs                         read the story

25. attend a concert or music festival abroad  read the story

26. see the northern lights              read the story

27. participate in a cultural event/festival in another country
read the story

28. go back to my place of birth- Las Vegas 

29. explore one of the world's natural wonders

30. learn to cook a dish specific to the region I'm visiting

31. skinny dip somewhere foreign 

32. do something I loved as a kid       read the story

33. fill an entire 27 exposure disposable camera with stranger  
selfies from around the world 

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