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Confession: can't keep my hands off my camera. Pretty pics posted on the regular via Instagram. Interested in adorning your walls with one of them? Cool. Turns out I sell prints. I have a work-in-progress portfolio...just e-mail me what you'd like and I can get you a quote in a jiff.

I like to stay small. I tend to explore "off the beaten path" spots and am drawn to staying in unique, interesting, and sometimes downright funky accommodations as a base for adventuring when I travel. I write about them here: Sweet Sleeps

If you're interested in having me stay, I'd love to chat. I offer a complete write up with photos, video, and at least a handful of clever comments. 

If you'd like to help me check off a list item...let me know! I just finished up the current list and am concocting a new one. If you're interested in sponsoring a list item for the NEW list- I'd love to hear your ideas! One thing you should know? I'm ALWAYS up for an adventure. Always.

A lot of what I do involves social media, of course. I have experience collaborating with various brands and lodging options in "taking over" their Instagram & Snapchat accounts, creating a unique story. If this is of interest, I can promise pretty pictures, and most likely a few witty captions. 

SWEET SLEEPS in Carmel, California 

Besides list checking and travel blogging, I also do freelance writing & photography. I work as a contributing writer for POPSUGARElite Daily and spoiled NYC, and have written guest posts on other popular travel blogs like Twins That Travel and Dame Traveler.

I love to collaborate with brands that are a natural fit. Like, Danner.

and Daniel Wellington.

and Gregory packs:

If you like real, raw, & pithy, then I'm your girl

O T H E R    I D E A S? 
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